Canteen Ordering

Rory's School Lunches

Catherine McAuley School uses Rory’s School Lunches service for its canteen. Rory’s School Lunches provides this pre-order menu as well as a cafeteria-style recess and lunch-time service.

Lunch can be pre ordered by using the Qkr! app by 8:30am.

  • Students who are late to place a lunch order by 8:30 am will need parents to call our Parent Help Line on 0413 575 800.
  • Our Parent Help Line is available from 9:30 am Monday to Friday.  Calls before 9:30 am, please leave a voice mail message and someone will return your call shortly after 9:30 am.

Children do not need to bring money to school, simply log onto the app and place your order for the day or week. The app provides provides access to the full menu available each day.

To download the Qkr! app, please click here

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Rory’s School Lunches follows the healthy eating guidelines recommended by the State Government of South Australia.

  • Green Foods – food that can be eaten every day.  Green foods are lower in saturated fat and sodium and include salads, hot meals with lean cuts of meat and low-fat cheeses and dressings.
  • Amber Foods – Amber foods are more processed than green foods. They may contain higher levels of saturated fat, sugar and sodium than green foods.  Students are encouraged to choose carefully from this section. Amber products should not dominate student’s choices.
  • Red Foods – Red foods are highly processed, energy-dense and poor in nutrients.  Remember, red foods should only be eaten occasionally so limit your intake.

About Rory’s Food

  • All of Rory's meals are made with love by in-house chefs.
  • Because the food is delivered daily to the school canteen, Rory's do not need to use harmful preservatives to extend its shelf life.
  • Meals are cooked in the traditional way, taking advantage of fresh herbs and spices, so there is no need for additives to boost the flavour of our food.
  • Only breast chicken and 95% fat-free beef mince is used.
  • The Napolitana sauce is packed full of veggies, it’s just that you wouldn’t know it.
  • The baguettes, wraps and sandwiches are made fresh when you order them.
  • Rory's sell the Balfour’s Better Bite Range, which are reduced in sodium and fat.