Catholic Identity

"An education in the fullness of humanity should be the defining feature of Catholic schools" - Pope Francis

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Catholic Identity at Catherine McAuley School

.You do not need to be Catholic to attend Catherine McAuley School, however, it's important to understand that our school experience is influenced by the values and teachings of the Catholic faith, based on the Gospel Values of Jesus. We recognise and nurture the spirituality of each person and we welcome everyone who supports our school values.

Religious Education plays a key role at Catherine McAuley School. We value our partnership with parents and we seek to build on the faith and values expressed at home.

At Catherine McAuley School, our students are provided with authentic and enriching learning opportunities that promote their faith development and bring them into a deeper, loving relationship with God.

Catherine McAuley School celebrates faith through various outreach activities, meaningful liturgical celebrations and earth (ecological) stewardship (guiding our students toward sustainability). We also offer an innovative sacramental program (Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist/Communion) through the Elizabeth Catholic Parish.

Religious Education

Religion is taught using the Religious Education Curriculum, entitled Crossways.

The Crossways Curriculum supports the integration of faith, life and culture and provides a clear framework for the development of teaching and learning within the Key Learning Area of Religious Education.

The purpose of Religious Education is to deepen students' understanding of the Catholic Tradition, to develop an appreciation of its significance in their lives, so that they may participate in the life of the Church and wider society.

Deepening our Understanding

Other aspects connected with, but not contained within the Religious Education curriculum, include the Made In the Image of God (MITIOG): Human Sexuality Program and On the Holy Ground, an ecological vision for Catholic Education SA.

The Made in the Image of God program is based on the fundamental belief that humans are made in God's image and are deserved of the utmost dignity and respect. The program is delivered, often as part of an integrated curriculum approach, across each year level from Reception to Year 6 during Term 3.

Mercy Award

Two of our students receive the Mercy Award at the end of each year. This award recognises characteristics shown during the year that follow the ethos of the “Mercy Keys” these are:

Compassion - We are aware of and respond to the needs of others
Loyalty - We support each other
Justice - We communicate positively and fairly
Integrity - We act in a way that is true to our Christian values
Responsibility - We complete all tasks to the best or our ability
Mutual Respect - We treat others as we would have them treat us